Excerpt from music for a dance piece conceived and created by Alek Deva and Corrie Blissit, and performed on March 24 and 25, 2015 as part of the Darkroom Series at Access Theater in New York City. The piece explores the inability of language to communicate exactly what it aims¬†to, by investigating certain¬†untranslatable words and phrases. Resfeber is a Swedish word that means, roughly, the restless beat of a traveler’s heart just before the journey begins. Each movement is similarly titled with an untranslatable word: Kilig (a Tagalog word that describes the feeling of butterflies in one’s stomach), Murr-ma (from a near-dead Australian language, meaning “to search for something underwater using only your feet”), and Wabi-sabi (a Japanese word with a meaning much larger than other words can describe, but which relates to finding beauty in the imperfect, and an acceptance of the cycle of life and death).

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